CNC Hot Wire Machine-

Thermocol Cutting(EPS)             


CNC Thermocol Cutting





CNC Hot Knife Cutting

CNC Thermocol Cutting 

with Multiple Hot Knives

CNC Hot Wire Thermocol

Cutting Machine







Manual Tools - Thermocol Cutting






Adding Color to Thermocol 

The best and easy way

Coroplast Cutting - Hot Wire

Normally our hotwire tools ship with a 6V, 2Amps DC adaptor. 
This is fully enclosed power supply with very low voltage and safe for even kids to operate. 
However : if you want to use the machine for cutting other harder materials like coroplast, flute board, foam board, soft plastics etc. :then order hotwire machine along with a transformer power supply with regulator. 

It is available in our Amazon shop: Regulator



CNC Thermocol Cutting- Hot Scoop for Packaging





Round Ball Making Machine - Semi Automatic      

Edge Shaping Tool


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