CNC router normally has a rigid z-axis where the drive motors control the motion of the z-axis to cut a part. But for processes like engraving : rigid Z-axis is unsuitable , as it wont accommodate variation in sheet height. The FLOATZ as the name suggests will float/glide on the sheet surface ( self-adjust to sheet surface) thus maintaining uniform engraving depth and also prevent tool jamming due to increased depth of cut. 

The FLOAT-Z does the reverse. It moves the tool on the z-axis freely whether it is a flat or a curved surface with varying depth without the z-axis drive motor controlling it.




  • Pen Plotting
  • Pencil Plotting
  • Vinyl Sticker Cutting
  • Drag Engraving (using carbide or diamond tip for fine engraving)
  • Vibratory Engraving (using dremel 290-01) for deep engraving.
  • Rotary Engraving (using dremel 3000/4000) for deep engraving (metals, jewels, PCBs) with depth control.
  • Pressure foot ( to hold down sheet from vibrating when cutting) (low cost alternate to vacuum clamping) 


  • Mountable on various machines such as MultiCNC, Shopbot, Shapeoko, X-Carve,  Milling Machines, Laser Machines, Water-jet Machines etc.
  • Convertible to Rigid-Z with simple screw adjustment.
  • Spring Force option for hard materials/metal engraving.
  • Multiple tools can be mounted  (pen, pencil, vinyl drag knife, drag engraving tool, dremel 290, dremel 3000 etc.)
  • Depth control device to precisely control engraving depth.
  • Intelligent software features. ( Smartfillet, RasterScan engraving etc.)


            FloatZ with Dremel Tool                                FloatZ with Pen/Pencil


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