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Make Olympics is a competition aimed at improving the manufacturing skills of Students at engineering colleges. Every alternate week, we will be publishing instructions for building a product. You need to build the variants and send us photos & videos. Top entries for each fortnight will win cash prize or intership offers or gift vouchers.  


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DEC 2018:


A nautilus gear is an odd shaped non-circular gear that follows a Fibonacci spiral.
Nautilus gears only work in pairs where both gears are the same size, this results in a 1:1 gear ratio but the delivery of this ratio is quite unusual. If you rotate the driver gear at a constant speed, the driven gear will rotate at a constantly varying speed.
One of the uses of the nautilus gear is on oil and gas pumps where a long throw of the piston needs to be finished with a final high pressure slow purge at the top of the valve.
This MII competition, we chanllenge ...
You can refer this Instructable also, but for this competition, you need to fabricate the parts in a CNC router.
Since it is a 2D part, cutting in CNC can be done in few minutes, whereas 3D printers will take hours to print the gear. 
All the best. 

MARCH 2018:


Ramp walkers are cool toys that "walk" down ramps or in some case are pulled along a flat table by a weight on a string hanging over the edge of a table. 
They are toys that move down an inclined plane powered by gravity in different shapes and sizes as ducks, rabbits, kangaroos, elephants etc. The physics & maths behind these ramp walker toys are very interesting and explained in the following videos:

Toy Physics--Ramp Walker ///Homemade Science with Bruce Yeany
Toy Physics - Part 2: Tumbling Cat

Wooden Ramp Walking Toy Animals by Mook Toys Review

Elephant ramp walking toy

In this month MII competition, we challenge you to build your own ramp walking toy.
Can you build your own ramp walk toy? Send us photos and working video to win prizes.

First Prize: Rs.1000/- plus a Gift Coupon worth Rs.1000/- at eCNCshop!

Second Prize: A Gift Coupon worth Rs.1000/- at eCNCshop!

Deadline: 31.3.2018

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Ever wondered : Why doesn't a bicycle move backwards when one pedals back? 
Ratchet mechanism is commonly used in bicycles, tricycles, Engine starters, Socket wrenches etc. 

First Prize: Rs.1000/- plus a Gift Coupon worth Rs.1000/- at eCNCshop!

Second Prize: A Gift Coupon worth Rs.1000/- at eCNCshop!

Deadline: 28.2.2018

Send the images and videos of the working prototype to

Refer Rules pdf for further clarification. 

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